Please read these terms of service before considering a purchase.


Notice: You must be over 16 to purchase a costume from me. If you are 16 or 17 years of age, your parent or guardian must make the purchase for you. I only sell heads and mini-partials to under 18s.

By commissioning an order to be made by me, you agree to adhere to the following terms and conditions:


Before work commences;

You must be 18 or over to purchase a commission and I require a copy of your ID before I can lock in your order. You must send me a scanned copy of your valid ID, and you must send me an image of you holding your ID. If you are under 18, your parent or guardian must order on your behalf.
You will be required to complete a quote form. Quote forms are free and always will be.
Your order will be priced and confirmed for the commission.

Payment Terms

By commissioning me to complete the required custom order you agree to pay for your commission as follows;
35% non-refundable deposit must be sent via bank transfer. This non-refundable deposit covers the cost of materials for your custom order and will secure your commission slot. 
Important note:  your order is for a custom-made item and the deposit is non-refundable if I have started work on your commission when you cancelled. If you cancel before work has commenced, I will issue a full refund. If you require a refund due to cancellation during creation, I will refund you based on how close to your suit is to being finished. For example, cancellation before I have started any work and after material orders will result in the full 65% being refunded, and cancellation after your suit has been completed fully will mean you will not be refunded.

On completion of your order:

Payment will be made preferably through bank transfer. 

When your item is shipped you will be supplied with full end to end tracking of your order. The courier we use will depend on the destination of your order. Please consider these costs when ordering your costume. Shipping costs are NOT included in the base prices.

If you refuse to pay the balance or cut contact with me after you have paid your 35% deposit, I reserve the right to alter the design and sell the suit as a pre-made suit or destroy it as I deem appropriate.  The custom item does not belong to you until the FULL balance and shipping costs have been paid by you. 

In the event of a refund to a bank account not held in GBP, please be aware that there may be a charge by your bank or card issuer for the currency conversion.  I will not be held responsible for any loss in fees or transaction differences should this occur.

The Creation Process

I require a clear 2-3 view reference sheet or concept art sheet (front/back at least, front/back/side preferred) unless you have requested artistic liberty. If you do not have one, please note that I sell 3-view references for £40.  Without a clear reference, I cannot start making your order.
Make sure that you are clear with your requirements on the quote so that you get exactly what you want.
I also reserve the right to refuse your order if I believe that your character may belong to somebody else, is heavily based on another character or that my skills will not fit your character and complete the suit to your requirement.
I also will not make a design that belongs to a copyrighted character.

Your DTD, hand tracings and other measurements must be correct and accurate for a well-fitting suit. Chaoticreations will not be held responsible for ill-fitting costumes due to inaccurate measurements, dummies and tracings. If I think that something doesn't seem right with the measurements, I will contact you about it and request for you to confirm. If I find that your DTD is poorly made, I will request a new one from you. You are responsible for shipping your DTD to me.

Go to my FAQs to view all the information that I need from you before your order can commence.

During the creation process, I will send you work in progress photographs over instant messaging. Discord and Twitter are the easiest ways for me to keep in contact with you and deal with any issues that may arise quickly. Don't be afraid to tell me when you think that something doesn't seem quite right! Errors are almost impossible to fix later down the line. If I hear nothing back from you regarding the suit, I will continue working as usual towards completion.

Be aware that WIPs will be posted to my social media accounts, which include Discord, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. Please let me know if you don’t want me to post your WIPs publicly/if you want to keep your suit a secret.

I do not work to deadlines. I do not offer rush or priority slots for fees. I am still a student and I have a disability. I also may work slower than other costume makers since I am not as experienced.  Please take this into consideration if you have a deadline to meet.

When your order is complete, I reserve the right to share it on the Chaoticreations social media account and on this website. I will ask you to take some high-quality photographs when you receive the costume so that I can post some photos of the creation being worn by its owner.



Shipping costs will be calculated AFTER order completion. If you are ordering outside of the UK, please be aware that shipping costs will be quite high and you may have to pay an import charge when it arrives in your country. I am not responsible for this charge so please consider this when placing your order and ensure you read up on whether a charge will be payable. 

COVID NOTICE: Due to COVID-19 my usual cheaper shipping method to international countries has been suspended, so delivery costs may be high. Due to the pandemic, your delivery may be delayed.


If you find any issues, such as popped seams and failed adhesives, upon receiving your costume, please let me know as I will fix these for you. The cost of these fixes is included in my base pricing.
Self-inflicted damage, very large repairs and major modifications are not included, however, and require additional charges. These repairs are a case-by-case basis, and I will discern the cost once we have discussed it.
When sending your suit to be repaired, please make sure that it is fresh and clean.

Alterations to your suit that were not made by me may void future free repairs.

Disclaimer: Chaoticreations are not responsible for any incident or injury caused by wearing any costume. Make sure you stay hydrated, take regular breaks and have a non-suiter guide you when you walk around in public. Your safety is priority! Your movement will be restricted in a costume mask and your vision will be impaired. 
Please wear your suit responsibly and do not use it to terrorise or intimidate.

Thank you.


Downloadable copy can be found by clicking here.