Notice: These are my prices for the 2020 summer commission opening. They will no longer be in effect afterwards. 


B A S E  P R I C E S

These prices are base prices, meaning they will increase according to design and additions.

Head Only - Starting at £300

Includes a custom-made foam based-head with a static jaw. 

  •  3D eyes, 2D upon request

  • Removable tongue

Mini Partial - Starting at £380

  • Includes a custom-made foam-based head

  • A tail with lengths from up to 150cm

  • Paws, either puffy or flat, with fleece pawpads

Full Partial - Starting at £460

  • Includes a custom-made foam-based head

  • A tail with lengths from up to 150cm

  • Paws

  • Stuffed feetpaws (Sockpaws)

Plantigrade 3/4 suit - Starting at £630

  • Includes a custom-made foam-based head

  • A tail with lengths from up to 150cm

  • Paws

  • Stuffed feetpaws

  • Armsleeves

  • Plantigrade legs

Digitigrade 3/4 suit - Starting at £730

  • Includes a custom-made foam-based head

  • A tail with lengths from up to 150cm

  • Paws

  • Foam-based feetpaws

  • Armsleeves

  • Padded digitigrade legs

Plantigrade Fullsuit - Starting at £830

  • Includes a custom-made foam-based head

  • A tail with lengths from up to 150cm

  • Paws

  • Stuffed feetpaws

  • Plantigrade fullsuit

Digitigrade Fullsuit - Starting at £930

  • Includes a custom-made foam-based head

  • A tail with lengths from up to 150cm

  • Paws

  • Stuffed feetpaws

  • Padded digitigrade full​suit

Complex patterns and markings will increase prices. The maximum increase for markings is £100.
More than 2 colours will also increase quote price.

If you require a tail longer than 150, please let me know on the price sheet.

If you need individual parts, like feetpaws, handpaws or tails, please use the form in CONTACT ME rather than the quote form.

Eye styles

2D Toony - Toony-style flat eyes! Available on request.

3D Toony - Toony style following eyes! My go-to eye style. Let me know and I can install lights in these to brighten them up!


Additional Features

 Additional features are available, but do heighten the price. 

Armsleeves - For your partial costume! These allow you to wear short-sleeve t-shirts without showing any arm skin. 

​Indoor feetpaws - You can choose to get indoor feetpaws instead of the standard outdoor ones!

Extra Tongues - Our suits all come with a removable tongue, and you can purchase more of these with your suit in any colour, style or length.

Removable Fringes - I can give you multiple hairstyles, which attach with Velcro. These aren't suitable for lots of movement or dancing, though, especially if you have long or heavy hairstyles.

Wings​ - We offer wings on both fullsuits and partials, in a variety of sizes.

Dropped crotch - Is what it says. These are good for male characters, which may have longer bodies than females, or for a "slimming" illusion.


NFT Features/Hair - Longer fur or hair. This doesn't have a fixed cost - it depends on if the colours are in stock, and how much is required.

What about magnetic eyelids?
We have not yet perfected the art (?) of magnetic eyelids, since we are yet to find a technique that actually works for us. We are happy to make magnetic eyelids for you as an experimental aspect of the suit, you will just have to pay for the price of the magnets and nothing for the working time. It just isn't guaranteed that the technique will work, but we are constantly trying out new things and are still discovering what techniques we should use.


A D D I T I O N A L   I N F O R M A T I O N 

What do you need from me?

For all orders, I will need measurements from you. When discussing your order, I will give you a form where you can fill out the relevant measurements.


For orders with handpaws, I will need hand tracings from you. Simply scan these into your computer and send these to me through the platform you are communicating with me on. For 5-fingered paws, loosely spread out all of your fingers. For four-fingered paws, loosely spread out your fingers with 2 of them (middle and first, or middle and ring) touching together. I will give you instructions if you order 

For any form of body or 3/4 suit, I will need a Duct Tape Dummy from you. This won't need feet, unless I specify or you want it to have feet. If you don't know how to make a DTD, you can find an extremely useful tutorial by Beetlecat Originals here: . Make sure that this is accurate and well-made. I can't use a DTD that is falling apart! If we find anything wrong with the dummy, then we will ask you to send over another one.

Be aware that you are responsible for giving me correct measurements. Suits that don't fit due to measurement issues or faulty/improperly made DTDs are NOT on us.

Please tell me if you see any errors in my work when I send you pictures! Errors are extremely difficult (almost impossible) for me to fix later down the line. For example, please tell me if the foam base doesn't look right, or it's not what you want it to be. I will be sending  pictures of the major stages: the foaming, the patterning, the furring and completed piece at least.

How long will it take?

A simple fullsuit will take me around 100 hours to make, though this is not an accurate estimate. Complex designs and lots of hand-sewing will increase the number of hours it will take. This doesn't include the time it takes for materials to ship to me, since some of my fur is being shipped to England from America. I can't estimate an approximate time since how long a fursuit may take me will vary.
I will not be able to reach close deadlines. I do not want to rush and create a low-quality or fragile costume. Fursuits are made for playing around and having fun in, so they should be made with utmost care!
Please take note that, starting September 2019, I will be in part-time college education 3 days a week. This will increase the amount of time each suit will take, but will not increase any working costs.

Do you do artistic liberty suits?

Yes! You can find a quote form on the Quote page.

What species do you do?

Pretty much everything! There some exceptions, though:

  • Angel dragons

  • Dutch angel dragons

  • Skull animals

  • Protogens

If I find that I will not be able to create your character, I will let you know.
I also will make your own closed species or hybrids.

Is there anything else I need to know?


1. Since I am an amateur maker, my style will always been changing and improving. You may see my style change - not by much, but it will slightly change. This will just be because I am improving as a maker. If you're not happy with anything during the making process, please tell me.

2. Please be aware that some of my furs may come from abroad - usually America - and this may cause a customs charge to be necessary. If you don't know what a customs charge is, it is a fee that you must pay for importing things into the country. Due to this, I will attempt to get as many furs as possible from UK suppliers, however I may not be able to find a specific colour from them and may have to use American suppliers. If I find that this is the case when I respond to a quote, the price of your commission may increase. 

3. I own dogs! I don't let the dogs near the suits, however if you have an allergy it is not recommended that you buy from me.

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