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Please read through my frequently asked questions. Don't hesitiate to contact me if you have anything else!

Important note: I no longer use Telegram for new commissions. I use email, Discord, Twitter, Instagram and Email for commission communication.

Is the fur real?

No, I use faux fur in my work. It's actually made out of plastic.

Do you offer magnetic features?

No, I have not used magnets successfully in a build yet.

Can I wear glasses in my fursuit?

Yes, you can! Just be sure to let me know when you commission me and I'll install a neck zipper.

How are your head bases made?

I hand-carve each head base out of foam, meaning every one is unique. My heads are lycra balaclava-based with an elastic structure. My heads are made so that no foam touches your face, which makes for comfort. The front of the head is set away from your face for ventilation. 

Do you have any pets where you work?

Yes, my family own a dog.

Is shipping included in the base prices?

No. When you commission me, please make sure you will be able to pay for shipping. Depending on where you are, shipping can cost up to £200+. Fursuits are big and heavy!

What do you need from me when I commission?

For all orders, I will need measurements from you. When discussing your order, I will ask for measurements.


For orders with handpaws, I will need hand tracings from you. Simply scan these into your computer and send these to me through the platform you are communicating with me on. For 5-fingered paws, loosely spread out all of your fingers. For four-fingered paws, loosely spread out your fingers with 2 of them (middle and first, or middle and ring) touching together. I will give you instructions if you need them.

For bodysuits, I will need a Duct Tape Dummy from you. If you don't know how to make a DTD, you can find an extremely useful tutorial by Beetlecat Originals here: www.beetlecatoriginals.com/dtd/. Make sure that this is accurate and well-made. I can't use a DTD that is falling apart! If I find anything wrong with the dummy, then I will ask you to send over another one.

Be aware that you are responsible for giving me correct measurements. Suits that don't fit due to poor measurements or faulty/improperly made DTDs are NOT on me.

Please tell me if you see any errors in my work when I send you pictures! Some errors are extremely difficult (almost impossible) for me to fix later down the line.

What don't you make?


The species that I do not make are as follows: Dutch Angel Dragons, Skull Animals, Protogens, Sergals. I do not use resin or 3d printed bases. 

I will not make a fursuit in another maker's style. If you want that style, commission them.

What do you draw?

I will draw: Furries/Anthro, simple backgrounds, cute styles, creepy/dark art, “fake” gore, mild “real” gore.

What don't you draw?

I won't draw: Humans/humanoids, realism, NSFW/Suggestive/Lewd/Kink/Fetish artwork (I will let you know if what you are trying to commission falls under these categories), depictions of severe illegal activity. I also have the right to refuse a commission if it makes me feel uncomfortable.

What can I use your commission for?

You may use my artwork for personal use with proper credit. You may not remove my signature. You may not use my artwork for commercial purposes.


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