The first thing you need to do before applying for a commission slot is make sure you have all the necessary information. Do you know what you want? Do you have a 2 or 3-view reference sheet prepared, and is your design fursuit-friendly? Have you checked my price guide to make sure what you want is in budget? Have you read the terms of service? 


When I am open for commissions, a form will be available through this website and all of my social media accounts. You are required to fill out as much information as possible and read the information written on the form. You need to fill the form out as accurately as possible so that I can give you an accurate quote.


 Once I have received your form entry, I will review your application. If what you're asking is out of my league or not possible for what I offer (for example, if you ask for a suit with a resin base or you ask for a character that isn't fursuit friendly), I will have to reject your application. I will email you to let you know that your application's been rejected. If you don't receive a rejection email during the time that my commission form is open, your application is still being considered for the slot.


Once my commissions close again, I will choose which of the applications I want to make. I will send a price quote to the winners of the slot. It's extremely important that you keep a close eye on your inbox, as you must reply to accept the quote and secure your slot otherwise I will change who I choose. From here it is first come first serve, so the first person to respond to the quote will get the first slot, the second person will get the second, etc. You will get put on my queue.


After you have accepted the quote and have been put on the queue, I will discuss payment with you. I require a 35% non-refundable down payment upfront in order to get started on your costume, regardless of your place on the queue. I prefer that you pay the down payment upfront and the remainder + shipping after completion, however I can discuss payment plans with you. 

Once you have paid your 35%, I will ask you for measurements. This may involve just sending measurements in cm or inches, sending scans of tracings, or sending duct tape dummies. It is here that I will also ask you if you would like me to send WIPs via social media messaging rather than via email.

Then, if you aren't at the top of the queue already, you just need to wait until it's time for me to make your costume. You can check my queue and social media for updates, and you can also contact me directly to ask for updates. I usually purchase all of my materials for all of the slots at the same time to save on shipping time and costs.


Once you have paid the deposit, given your measurments and you have reached the top of the queue, I will let you know and I will begin the creation of your costume. I focus on one costume at a time, so your commission will be complete in 3 to 6+ weeks from here, depending on the size of your commission (for example, bodysuits will take longer than heads on their own). I will let you know if I run into any delays, such as delays in material deliveries.


I will keep you updated on the progress of your costume. If your commission isn't Artistic Liberty, please feel free to ask for changes during the process (though understand that some changes may be impossible to make at certain times, for example I can't change the face shape once I've already got the fur on). I'm only human and I make mistakes sometimes, so if you spot any please let me know right away!


When your costume is completed, I will calculate a shipping quote and ask for the final 65% plus the shipping cost (unless we have agreed on a payment plan). If you want to give a tip, you can at this stage. Tips are optional but highly appreciated!  Once I've received your final payment, I will pack your costume up and send it off to you. You will receive full end to end tracking of your package. I encourage you to let me know when it has arrived with you and send me some photographs.

My costumes come with a badge, a care guide, a slicker brush, and some freebies.