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My name is Mya, but online I go by the name Chaotic. I am a 18-year-old anthro artist and amateur fursuit costume maker from the United Kingdom. Bringing characters to life is one of my favourite things to do.

I've been drawing for my whole life - I've always been a creative person. I've been a part of the online artist community since a young age, starting from youth sites like Scratch and going over to Twitter, Deviantart and Amino.

I learned to sew back in 2017, though I didn't make my first fursuit until 2018.

I've always loved performing too. I liked drama when I was younger, I liked to sing too, but my confidence crash and low self esteem made me hate it. Costuming gives me that love of performing back.

Right now I am a game development student (don't ask me what games I play. I dont really play any) and I plan to do 3D animation at Uni next year. I do fursuit making and art alongside my studies. I started running this little business back in 2019. I made and manage Chaoticreations almost fully by myself, with some help from my business-savvy mother.

My characters are Cerise (pronounced ser-reez), a burgundy and beige demon wolf from hell; Yuki, a red fox. She's a demon from hell like Cerise but looks like a regular anthro fox; Moonstone, an opossum from Britain; and Mirror, a brown tabby cat, also from Britain. I recently obtained two more: Koshi the Angel Dragon and Flare the demon cat!

Fun facts about me:

- I love wolves! I love wolves so much, I think they're so cool. I love domestic cats too.

- Black and light pink is my favourite colour pairing! If you see me I'll probably be wearing all black with light pink accessories.

- I'm a big fan of anime and manga. My favourite anime is called Working!! and my favourite manga is Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun. I've been getting into reading light novels too: I absolutely love The Devil is a Part Timer.

- I love rock music. My favourite bands are Man with a Mission, Roselia, UNISON SQUARE GARDEN and Shinedown.

- Man with a Mission is the only band I've seen live (though, granted, it was a livestream due to COVID).

- One of my interests is packaging things! In my opinion, the packaging can reflect the product, so I make it my mission to put effort into making unboxing your products an exciting experience. It's an unusual interest, for sure...

- I like a podcast called No Such Thing as a Fish. It's quite interesting.

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