A B O U T   T H E   M A K E R


My name is Mya, but online I go by the name Chaotic. I am a 17-year-old anthro artist and amateur fursuit costume maker from the United Kingdom.

I've been drawing for my whole life - I've always been a creative person. I've been a part of the online artist community since a young age, starting from youth sites like Scratch and going over to Twitter, Deviantart and Amino.

I learned to sew back in 2017, though I didn't make my first fursuit until 2018.

Right now I am a game development student (don't ask me what games I play. I dont really play any) looking to become a concept artist. I do fursuit making and art alongside my studies. I started running this little business back in 2019, with the help of my mum, who has experience in self employment herself.

My characters are Cerise (pronounced ser-reez), a burgundy and beige demon wolf from hell; Yuki, a red fox. She's a demon from hell like Cerise but looks like a regular anthro fox; Moonstone, an opossum from Britain; and Mirror, a brown tabby cat, also from Britain.

Fun facts about me:

- I am a lover of wolves, a lover of demons and a lover of many, many different aesthetics (glitch and pastel are my favourites).

- I'm a big fan of anime and manga. I can't choose a favourite, though I have more My Hero Academia merchandise than anything else. I've been getting into reading light novels too.

- I love rock music. My favourite bands are Man with a Mission, Roselia (from Bandori, which I'm pretty obsessed with), UNISON SQUARE GARDEN, Shinedown, and ONE OK ROCK.

- Man with a Mission is the only band I've seen live (though, granted, it was a livestream due to COVID).

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